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  1. lol. im currently spending money on a free game lol.

    but i prefer online games more. i made my computer fast enough that it makes it seem that my ps3 is lagging. but if you like assault games, look up "sierra 7". not very hard because i beat it on exspert the first time. but its an awesome online game
  2. I like to play games on my PC rather than my ps3
    fps is a lot easier with a mouse
    I'm currently playing Black Ops and Crysis 2
  3. wow, tryin to pimp out your computer? lol

    as for me i just want a cumfy seat and a way to watch tv, play my xbox 360 live, ps3, wii, and my 23 tabs of beta mmorpg's without getting out of the same chair lol

    (and believe it or not, i actually have a good job and 6pack abs lol)
  4. cool
    the next thing on my wish list is a Sabertooth motherboard and a Intel i7 processor
  5. daammm.... i actually know what that is! lol

    nice wish list. i might have to add that myself lol

    right now i got a fully wireless (lol) computer with 12gb ram and 750k harddrive (last time i checked lol)

    im a gamer.

    or as i like to call it "Professonal Slacker"
  6. 8GB (2x4) ramcards (just what i wanted)
  7. cool. so i am asuming that the "computer science" is going well for you. considering the vast majority of "thanks!"s writen on your wall lol.

    either ways i don't believe we've fully met. my name is knight412.
    (and just to get a good conversation started.) i see that you've recently had a birthday.

    what'd ya get XD
  8. Information Technology
  9. hmm so video games, GFX, and I.T. nice.

    if you don't mind .. what exactly is "I.T."?
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