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  1. unless you can help me with my problem on being un-rightfully punished, then i don't require any of your help for the momment, but i will probably take you up on you offer. and sorry if your boss forced you to use propor english lol
  2. Hello Knight. If you have any concerns or issues with anyone, feel free to have a chat with me via private messages and I am sure we can resolve these things peacefully. Or if you have a skype, you're more than welcomed to contact me at the_ghost_101_, I'd be delighted to work with you over something as I see you're having trouble with some members and moderators and I'd like to be an mediator if possible. Otherwise, have a great day .
  3. being phsyco pathic whack job hug me jacket wearing bozos who make me laugh.
  4. Top two for what O_o....
  5. teach me your ways O' Wise Whack job of a bozo! i must learn from the best!

    so far you and raven are the top 2! but i think im doing good on the leader bords! you should see how i act on my account roflmfao. lol
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