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  1. Erm Kingdeano pointed out a little flaw in the spelling, so I re edited.
  2. Siggy up.Clicky
  3. Thanks for the awesome siggy!
    Also props for making it so fast!
  4. Siggy's up Clicky
  5. LOL glad you managed to sort it. Enjoy.
  6. Hey it's no problem, it can be a little confusing.
  7. The Edit sig right below edit Avatar on my Control Panel.
    Gosh I'm a noob with siggys. I've only had one made for me and it took like 3 hours for me to get it to work
  8. Hmmm I don't know why it isn't working I've managed to apply it to my sig. Are you trying apply it to your text window or the sig picture panel at the bottom of the the edit signature window.
  9. No I din't delete it,
    I tried it again and it says invalid file. :/
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