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  1. oh. did u retire from 164?
  2. N0 166, and the reason I merged Phantom was bc I wasn't going to have enough time to run it. But since I just left my complany, I should have allot more time. Tsunami on 166, you should come. Will have much more free time to play and host there.
  3. sorry i left 164, after PhantomZ merged that kinda ruined the whole point. oh well. r u goin to 165?
  4. yeah im still joining
  5. I'm still assuming you will be joining us correct?
  6. I would love to have you,
    mechanics is something that can be taught and will be glad to teach you
    I will add you to the roster
  7. um can i join PhantomZ? i mostly play age ll tho ill try out age l (i played on 162 but retired cuz our alliance got im not great at the age l mechanics) but if you will have me i will join.
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