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  1. guess it could be handy lol
  2. I've got a couple PC games . A friend told me about i think it was Steam Engine or something can Download free games from steam lol maybe handy
  3. yeah their kinda old I also have CSI new york and NCIS I really need new games I've finished them all :/
  4. I got this War game "Rome Total War" It's ok class . You said splinter cell haven't played any of those game's in age's like double agent etc .. Metal gear solid now there's a good game
  5. oh cool I have a couple of offline games like that like titan quest, age of empires, age of mythology, black and white, mafia, splinter cell and first templar etc...

    Just my computer connection blew I have to wait for it to get fixed <_<
  6. ? Basic's kill stuff

    Ever play "Oblivion Or Dragon age " You have quest's do to etc you can make money kill other people have pet's do spell's all that type of stuff
  7. very observant of you what do you do on runescape Btw?
  8. Yup Runescape and i only noticed now lol and thank you
  9. lol so runescape is good? I'll try it when I get a chance.. I've always used blue in my posts you only notice now? nice pick on the red
  10. Dude runescape is awesome lol that is a game that you can never get bored of

    Lol and i see you adopted the colour blue in your message's . Might steal red for myself
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