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  1. Nope. Exams don't start until next week. We, officially, don't have to go to school anymore, unless we have a test that day. And I don't have any extra classes, so... Up early.

    Nice sig, BTW!
  2. wow, you are up early... Got a zam today?
  3. Well, Im no tthe best stalker in the world, but if you want il give it a try??

    Although, time is not my friend right now. Sowi
  4. I think I'd get thrown in jail if I try the lead pipe thing, though.. And it's not as if he's stalking me. (:
  5. Its a good solution though
  6. LMAO. Now that's not very nice!
  7. Throw rocks at him and hit him with a lead pipe. If that doesnt work, get a restraining order.
  8. OI! I passed, with merit. I got me a nice university pass. So maybe its a good idea? :P

    Il join you if you need pointers on how its done
  9. Oi... I'll avoid those situations then... I don't want to be stuck in school for another year, honestly.
  10. EISH... I wish you luck with that... I hated my matric exams. I nearly went insane. Although, to be honest, I was drunk and or high during most of my exams
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