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  1. too bad =) i might just want to post here.. and i dont care if your ninja monkey shoes kick me in the painful place..
  2. i just thought id post something here.. instead of you posting at my place o.o
    my mailbox is full..
  3. yours is workin... duh
  4. bahahahaha.. om nom nom nom *doesnt know what pic to use for avatar* blah lol.. should i use a pic of me... or should i not o.o hmmm..
  5. *walks away*
  6. well THAT sounds rude.. *stares*
  7. *sigh* ...
  8. i couldnt boot my jakey.. have too much fun bullying you *grin*
  9. *hangs head in shame* ... okay when u get back you are NOT a utopian -.-

    muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah *runs away ...... again*
  10. Bwahahahaha.. *pokes in the eyes & runs*
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