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  1. lol nar not video chat mostly just IM n then voice thats about it
  2. lol red do u guys use video chat? because i am not doing that well ttyl cya red
  3. i'll have a look around when i get home from work but i still think skype is what you should get for IM
  4. i never heard of aim. so nope i don't have it what is it? and why can't you just get skype lol baller is their *waves baller around as an incentive for taco*
  5. it is an instant messaging thing we can chat with
  6. btw red do u have aim if not plz download it and add me u know wat my user is
  7. i dont gert prstige of of fb so. all by myself :P
  8. That good bro pres is easy to get on that with the FB thing but NICE JOB
  9. good red i love age 2 i almost got 300k
  10. TACO!! how age 2 treating you bro?
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