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  1. City coulda gone extinct, if you want a real answer go to Help and questions for a thorough answer, as right now I'm busy Put more detail in though.
  2. Yup, but i think i have been officially inactive, haven't played on server NA1 in 168 days
  3. mmm what do you mean deleted ? It's the same account and everything ? Details ?
  4. WTF i went on Evony and they deleted my city. D=
  5. I last visited 29 days ago
  6. Maybe you shouldn't be checking a specific section then cooldude. Because it isn't really dead.. (check new posts occasionally.)
  7. These forums are like dead
  8. You also have to make a number of happy birthdays daily, stay on the forms for a long period of time without "quitting" and make a few good posts
  9. *cries and sweats blood* am i good?
  10. pfftt One does not simply become a Reasoner young cooldude. You must earn it with blood sweat and tears.
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