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  1. ah fair enough

    so you on a boat (doing flips?) or still joining up?
  2. Surviving. Been hanging out over at Tynon.

    In RL though, been enjoying the Navy (for the most part). It's done good things for me.
  3. not too bad mate, how bout yourself?
  4. How's it going?
  5. Doing fine. Went over to Tynon and opened up a bar in their OT, and it's been going a mile a minute! XD
  6. Not much mate, just keeping busy.

    How bout yourself?
  7. Hey ssf, what's up?
  8. LOL I hear ya there...

    It's always priceless.
  9. Yeah i had a invites to some of those alliances, (i was talking in WC for 4-7 days without an alliance) Had something like 60 invites at one point (including like rank 600+ alliances. I was tempted by those )
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