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  1. LOL

    I might be getting into 0 in the future. Who knows?

    I have 13 alliances that I've been invited into, however, I've narrowed down to 6 options other than 0. They are the following, in order of ranking:

    11: HighWall

    23: ANTHRAX

    25: Antioch

    26: Unborn

    31: Payback

    72: Heretics

    Most of these are good alliances, I've seen many in action before.
  2. Lol yeah early server alliances dont last, so i made my own lol. at least till something better presents itself.

    This way i wont get booted anyway LOL
  3. LOL now I know why you liked staying out of alliance so much! lol

    I've been looking for an alliance myself, and I got 13 alliances to send an invite my way. I'll be picking one soon, as I will be porting out of Romagna. lol
  4. Thanks mate
  5. Congrats!!!

    Take a look at this one!

    Compliments of MootPoint, alliance TrueGods on Server 156. Let's give her a hand in this brilliant hit!
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