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  1. P.S. That has to be about the best random rep I have ever received. 10 more and I hit my next bar xD

    But you still stole the idea.
  2. Acer, I tried going to this page and my computer gave me a warning it may contain malicious content.

    I trusted you and hit proceed anyway. Don't make me regret it. UNDERSTOOD?!
  3. I iz not here... you do not see me posting on this page...
  4. I never said it officially, now did I? Iz just bored with the forums.
  5. I thought you quit?
  6. Meow......
  7. Rrrrraaaaaawwwrrrr
  8. Hurry up and get back.
  9. Ummm.... Try Foxy or Thalin.
  10. Well then WTF! Some mod is gonna get a Pie in their face...
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