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  1. I think i just gave u ur prize, check
  2. I think u will win... no way i can take 5x points, everyone voting for other people XD
  3. lol no i was joking XD
  4. Well yeah, I understood that type of corruption, but here? lol, that would be pointless... Unless you're accusing me? lol jk.
  5. Lol like people do in RL! You serious? Like "vote for me in change of"

    The corrupt peeps!
  6. How do you buy votes?
  7. Haha, sure no problem!!! Don't buy votes tho!
  8. I am beating you in the sotw currently XD lets see how long this lasts ( The bet is still on!)
  9. Thanks crappyreasoner XD
  10. Happy birthday sebaz Have a good one.
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