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  1. Better stomp that fire out ED

  2. Have my babies!!!!! XD LOL
    You just got spammed by the handsome devil himself.
  3. I haz been caught lurking Actually getting ready to head to the house from work m8. Cya around maybe.
  4. *blushes* Hi Sturmy u smexy thang LOL
  5. I am doing good. Thx for asking Just taking it as it come these days and yourself?
  6. Hows my sturmy doing?(pats sturm on head)
  7. The_just of course everybody is to afraid to stand up against them and queen Kiki alienating people forcing them to quit is a disgusting way to play the game. Then he backstabs nemesis1 im just over him and everyone doing what he says.
  8. Well m8 hope you enjoy your new found freedom outside of the game. BTW what alliance were you referring to that controls the server? Was just wondering.
  9. Never safe to come these days >.> <.< lol. Im nearing my end in Evony Just not fun anymore with one alliance controlling the whole server. But we have no one to blame but ourselves.
  10. LOL you know Kiki well dang he was rough on me I am still huddled in the corner. Is it safe to come out yet?
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