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  1. Ok cya tmrw
  2. i see ur duke now gratz i have to go now we can continue this 3 word story tommorow lol
  3. same here. except i only need like ten posts. to the off topic section i go!
  4. ahh ty i am stuck on marquis till i get 3 rep bars and 1000 posts lol
  5. my phone wont let me rep for some reason but when i get to a computer i will for that nice city
  6. lol i havent been repped since like last year
  7. everytime i post in the off topic forum i get repped lol. plus i dont rep a lot.
  8. now how u got 11 rep bars and only at marquis jeeze lol u be gettin work done around here it seems lol i only got 2 and i am marquis
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