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  1. Yeah, they're nintendo. And same here...except I somehow got a nintendo :P
    I got it off a friend actually, for free
    Got two heartgolds and platinum lol
  2. To be honest i havent played em, I dont think they make em for Gameboy colour/advance lol. Ill have to get the roms for em, and emulate em.

    thats how ive played most other of the pokemon games lol
  3. It's so much easier to catch the runners in the new you mind HG/SS since it's a remake?
  4. Raiku sucine and that other dog cost me months of waiting out at there haunts to try and snag them, olny for them to run after i get them in a fight :/ grumbles

    but other then that it was pretty good lol
  5. What's wrong with pokemon crystal?
  6. thanks mate
  7. You iz mod now too! Congratsssssssssssssssssssssss
  8. Thanks for bday wishes
  9. Happy 21st, have a good one!
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