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  1. OMG BS i got another bar cus of u :P.......thanks bro
  2. Happy bday late rolf
  3. Shhhhhhhhhh it's a secret lil trick i have. Every time i say something cool i wait for someone to rep me... bwahahaha
  4. sigh BS ur green things keeps growing lol
  5. Dang man sat least you got ur main though, you could train a few up to hit tens with a hero like that in litterally a matter of days.
  6. u saw we getting merge lol..funny thing is my account is crap now my 800 attacks heros refuged like 3 weeks ago and 9 cities are with out heros lol...evony gave me my Pult hero back but i cant farm 10 from many cities lol....
  7. Congratz on the merge broseph.
  8. Yepp lol i'm off my infrac in like 5 hours though can finally get a sig back.
  9. yeah i see nor and mati always suspended lol
  10. Mati Norr Awesomeness Sparty are the main ones i guess.
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