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  1. cheebs.. well see after the election.. although deut is king ill agree
  2. Lol..I sense some hostility coming from cheebs
  3. definately no angel hun
  4. Of course he does cheebs..what kinda guy wouldn't want two hot blondes fighting over him?! Lol
  5. Uh oh..cheebs is here now..*hides in deuts closet til she's gone* I gotta share you now don't I?
  6. I have heard rumors of the size of your army..maybe I should send you some coords to find out for myself...and don't let the size fool ya..I know how to handle a large army just fine
  7. *blush* why deut you charmer feel free to come plunder me anyday..maybe if you're lucky you can even conquer my castle
  8. You must just run ppl away or something still only have me as a friend..oh well..i guess i should just feel special then
  9. why thank you deut
  10. Your page looked so lonely with no friends on it
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