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  1. Oh yeah for sure, get some nice heros on there and some guys will pay 100+ for an account. One of my friends bought an account that had 2 insta pults heros for 300$. So theres definitely some money to be made in doing it.
  2. I did it on 159 and made 10 bucks............but i didnt spend anything. I got to thinking. Hmm i bet if i spend money on the next server and get the account established quickly i could make a bit more.
  3. Thats a really good idea... might have to think about doing that myself, I could use some extra bucks.
  4. I spent 35$ and plan go sell the account for more.
  5. Make money off of it? How so?
  6. I have quit all servers, i did just start on 160 though. Im gunna try to make money off it.
  7. Yeah Im playing right now, my main server is SS58 but I also play on 158. What servers do you play on?
  8. No worries, i was calling people out anyway. Its not really your fault, but hey we are all only human.

    You playing right now? what server?
  9. Hey, sorry about the bickering on the thread, been a rough couple a days and Ive been in a bad mood, I guess I am petty enough to try and pick fights with people on the internet. Lol. But in either case, sorry about getting a bit bit**y with you.
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