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  1. Not tooooo shabby, Senior year, taking it easy! But still got 4 A.P. classes to take.
  2. im good kinda busy at work.. hows school?
  3. I'm awesome bro. thanks for asking. How about you? Yeah forums are kinda dead I noticed
  4. hey ghost,, how are you?? forums dead man.. light it up..hehe
  5. <3 masterp

    but no.
  6. lol u want me to port to your area?lmao
  7. Nice! Glad to see you're back. At least we aren't near each other again
  8. same story for me.. ive been out for a month and been so outdated.. rebuilding started last few days...
  9. somewhat.... going to get back to playing again today, I left for 2 weeks and I got nothing left, so I am pizzzzzzzed
  10. its all good now bud.. how are you? still playing?
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