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  1. I definitely don't think highly of him :P
    I don't bother reading 95% of his posts, so I'm not sure of his regular insults, but he's that sort of person who thinks far too much of himself. Kinda like me when I was a 10 year old kid who thought the whole world revolved around me, and every horrible joke I told was awesome beyond comprehension.
  2. haha wow.Don't think to highly of him do you?Does he insult people regularly?
  3. I doubt it. I'm pretty sure he's incapable of thinking.
  4. Haha thought you might.Do you think captain ron will think twice before ridiculing my work next time?:P
  5. Thanks :P
    I don't check the thread often, so I didn't realize you'd posted it.
    Love it though, seriously
  6. Hey death I made a comic with you in it in the lolcat picture thread.
  7. I mean the pointless message where you hover over the rep bar.
    I am a splendid one to behold. Yay.
  8. i agree on everything but the message.I always like reading the rep reason.
  9. Yeah, rep doesn't exactly matter. Just a meaningless bar and a meaningless number with a meaningless message.
  10. That's ok.rep or no rep just knowing my comic's are not flop's and still make people laugh is good enough for me.
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