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  1. well well well would you look who it is ey? XD

    How ya been anyway man long time no see haha gonna start trying to remember to pop in and say hi to you folks more often :O
  2. Those games are all awesome shush and lol obviously not cause of you haha nahh ceebs leveling heros etc :/
  3. As if you play those poopy games,(except forza lol) (ok cod isnt too bad either) But skyrim sucksss!... Oh im loving the server im on..
  4. Haha play on another server with you? :/ is suicide an option? Haha nahh playing a few other games atm (mainly cod skyrim forza)
  5. ohh thats no fun, come play 163! lol
  6. Nahh no chance of getting my account restored now heros are still there but im not planning on returningbunless my account gets restored haha
  7. poopy please! Do you play evony anymore?
  8. Popping in just to say you sir are a dimwitted fool that is all
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