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  1. thats cool
  2. i'm on 159 and its pretty good
  3. been trying to get u to see that x]] nah im kidding, hows ur game on watever server ur in now?
  4. My life is one big mistake. But other than that I'm fine
  5. wats new?????????????????
  6. wat hav u been up too? besides teasing nerds online x]
  7. Lmao I'll remember that
  8. lolol y u always play the boyfriend card, remember just words xP
  9. Lmao yes my boyfriend is still around, he has an account on the forums but doesn't log in at all really
  10. I calculate that in a few days i will obviously still be here hitting on you as usual i mean but hopefully i get a broadshow hurrray oh ya i hope your boyfriend is still in affect but however i have no idea where im going with this convo doh !!! oh ya boobies
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