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  1. Happy birthday
  2. Thought you would like this XD

  3. When I was just an itty bitty little Pot Pie? Oh how I've grown xD Thanks
  4. Happy birthday Pie I can even remember when you were little.

  5. Looks like you get your way, The Hunted it is
  6. Thanks for voting, Ill take it into consideration Even if I choose to do the top one first, I wont stop writing after that, so it will probably show up eventually

    Thanks for rep by the way!
  7. So you do remember Well, even if you're back only for a rp, its a victory perhaps small, but a victory nonetheless ! btw, you should really continue The Hunted
  8. OMG Hiiiiiiii
  9. You might of known me as crappyservers
  10. Haha, maybe in the Story section, to write... but I doubt I will come back to OTD for good anytime soon, was just wishing Happy Holidays.

    No offense, but did I know you before I left, haha?
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