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  1. Will do, i'm hoping for some good ones.
  2. PM me any good reports
  3. I finally bother'd to build mine to instant arch, now i'm just putting a few into the 450-500 range for better hammers and such. I'd say 1 more week tops of building/making an army before i put it into high gear production.
  4. Well I have instant trebs now, Im working on a few 500 heroes and a few other pol heroes, probably a good month project before ill be happy with my heroes.
    In the mean time ill be building my army up.
  5. I gotcha, i look forward to it. I'm finally done hero building so i'm thinking i'll start porting around again soon.
  6. Yes, taking some time off to build up my account. Next thread will probably ether be a unexpected battle or a port in battle vs someone huge.
  7. you still playing even with the BS captcha?
  8. Cool beans, i look forward to them.
  9. New server 158, Have to build up.
    They will come
  10. I wanna see an awesome spooner report again!
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