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  1. Will do....though it will be more gorey than a Gears of War game, but involve the epic free roam that skyrim gives and maybe il make sure to add in a multiplayer that will rival even mmorpg games multiplayer
  2. That's so cool! You'll have to demo some of your work for me That will be SO exciting!
  3. Actually, im starting this summer as I got alot more freetime than I had in the past due to some fam issues.....but I am shaking with anticipation....
  4. Congrats!! Are you starting in September?
  5. Guess who has two thumbs and is planning on doing a game designing master course over at one the most prestigious art schools in America....
  6. I'm not sure! lol It's public school, so I think he works until the end of June.
  7. Then whats he on holidays?
  8. He's a teacher by day, a moderator by afternoon-night.
  9. That makes me wonder....what does bole do in his spare time 0_o
  10. That was nice of you Yeah Bole left once before, but this time I think it's for keeps. He's been considering this for a while, he's a very busy man.
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