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  1. Haven't seen ya in a while ya doin?
  2. I don't do it for attention, there are people who I'd rather stay hidden from though....Anyways, I have to get back to checking my city, my soilders have been cut since I've been farming...not many good targets anymore.....
  3. *ahem* Sorry gonz, can't say...Cridus asked me as well but got no luck. Il reveal my ID as soon as I get rid of a few..."Associates"
  4. Yep...Not only that, I hope to see other familiar faces within 155 as well...I think a buddy of mine from LAW when it was around will come to the server.....Anyhow, you'l still end up with your friends
  5. Either way..PwnStars and Majin will still be Allies....
  6. I'll see , depends on the group of player's at both alliance's
  7. you headin with Dafi? He invited me to join PwnStars but I told Him id rather run Majin...but at least he agreed to be an ally to our Allience
  8. When it is realesed yes.
  9. So you heading to s155?
  10. nah, I was just wondeering what was marks the first day of the N1 Chronicles......but I don't have anything to use for I ran outta speakers yesterday....
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