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  1. Sad to hear you quit. Best of luck to you too its been fun, Hopefully its something really exciting thats taking you away from the game. Maybe see you around some time.....
  2. Hey I quit the game a couple weeks back, thanks for fun on 65 and good luck whereever life takes u
  3. yeah 125 merged and it looks like its gonna be a battle royale
  4. yah should make things a little more interesting....
    Is 125 merging too? Hopefully it will be less of a mess than last time
  5. Yay a merge for both of us!!
  6. Yeah i think purewar were keen to do that a while back, most of our accounts are really active though. I think there's only about 5 that aren't at the moment, We have a clear out when it gets too many. Plus im not too sure how well some of them would fit in..... Agreed though, it would be awesome
  7. u guys and purewar should merge all ur active accounts, an alliance like that would just be scary lol
  8. Yeah I havent got involved really, and I think you are right its just something to keep all our big guys well fed. We really need a merger to happen, there is just no competition at the moment.
  9. lol i wouldnt be calling that much of a war, more a chance for u guys to fill up on food, couple strong guys in All41 but nothing compared to the big guys in Power, i was just skimming through reports and its like a murderers row, seems like every big guy from 65 is in Power
  10. Hey, sorry for the late reply. wanderer hasnt logged in ages so i'm assuming he's quit.
    Dont know if you've checked ss19 in a while but it seems we are at war lol. Hope all is good with you, come say hi next time you drop by
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