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  1. Miss ya. If you get tired of RL and decide to come back, you know who can make it happen
  2. Popular, or just not checking frequently enough lol :P

    Na, Ive finally retired, and am quite glad of it. Thanks for the offer though
  3. Tried to PM ya but apparently you're just THE popular guy these days and your box is full. I heard you quit 128? Who's gonna keel theRealMcCoy now?! Anyway, if you decide you still wanna play, I could prolly scrounge up an acct for ya on 144.
  4. Ahhhh im sorry, I found the problem. For some reason the forums censored part of the link.

    Check out the new though, they seem to have done some updates, though I havent really looked at it thoroughly yet. Remind me to send you mine though, I cant think right now.
  5. Ok, now I know you're just messing with my head, cuz that link didn't work either. Imma hafta unfriend you giant turd...
  6. Wait til I finish with the AT's :P
  7. omg, gimme gimme...
  8. Aw sorry

    I just dont have enough time / energy to start up a new account from scratch and play actively on 2 different servers.

    Btw, some MAJOR updates to the calculator - its alot more accurate for archers now (I've fixed some movement errors) and all thats left is some testing with ATs, and then it'll be ready to release lol
  9. Kinda sad the new server didn't stick for you
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