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  1. Eh, I recommend against it. The game's gotten so stale it's nearly unbelievable, if my assumptions are correct. My observations have pretty much proven that I won't be coming back to this game any time in the near future.
  2. Been good, took a little forced break. Probably gonna start playing again soon.
  3. I can't believe another human being actually still visits this place.

    How's it been?
  4. There, I think I took care of the VM problem.
  5. Further info on that post. The target in question is frequently offline, but on a bot 24/7. Others will be putting severe pressure on other cities, so this one I've pretty much got to hit.

    The player has 4x my prestige and likely a smiliar army in many of their other towns at the moment, until the opposing alliance hits them hard.
  6. Hey, I need a bit of advice. I'm going to be leaving the game (somewhat), and am preparing to take on a larger player than myself.

    However, the city is well-layered, and defended with 590k archers. I've got close to 3x that amount. Also included are 60k ballis, layers, 27k pults, and some miscellaneous rams + layers.

    I've got about 1.7 mil scouts, 1.6 mil archers, 85k cavs, 400k warriors, ~70k ballis, and various layers not really worth mentioning. What method would do this city the most damage? Our techs are the same, as well as the heroes.

    You might want to delete this post, as I took care of the one right before it.
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