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  1. ss46 lol... its gonan be fun tho i gotta admit i been waiting on this for awhile
  2. Which server you on? There are plenty of coiners/high hero owners on SS39 with zero skills lol
  3. man its funny you mentioned the hero thing... we have roughly 40-50 heros above 1k and about 10 players that have an instant AT and instant attack hero...

    out of the 30-40 players with these heros 80% of them all joined together to "dominate" the server.... so needless to say im in that 20% group and now they all wanna surround me "as u suggested" id bet $100 says i win :P
  4. Hey no probs at all. I agree debating is a great way to kick ideas around. I quit the game a week ago, but I enjoy the banter and am interested in how the battle mechanics and tactics will develop. I was on SS39 which is at a reasonably late stage now (i.e. 30 heros over 1000 attack).
  5. haha i love debating thanks for pointing out some additional situations which could turn the tide. I look forward to your reply to my post back to you :P
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