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  1. Cleared & joined.

    Most people get me on skype i forget about the mails.

    Pointless clearing them now tho you have no secret private message to send me
  2. Hey you. Clear your PMs. I wanted to send you a secret private message but I can't because your box is full so I have to do it here in public on your VMs.

    My message was something like: Hey you. Will you join my brand new super awesome social club I just made?

    I saw you online just now and PM'd you (which I didn't of course because your PMs are full) because I think you're not terribly uncool.
  3. I've been, and im back, couldn't get drunk, Not enough money Few drinks and a few games of pool. Good enough for me until pay day
  4. Obviously the pub isn't calling loud enough.

    Go get drunk.
  5. I'm not going to work out if it does give credit for both, that's waaay to much effort. I had it in the past with others.

    I may find a minion to go to the maths tho. But, right now the pub is calling. Catch you later
  6. Oh.

    Wait, huh?

    Like it shows me repping you twice for hte same post at the same time and with the same message? That's just an occasional error. It's happened to me before too and I know it's happened to Reasoner, but I don't think you actually get credit for both in your rep total. You already have max rep bars so whatever.
  7. Thank you for the rep spam. Your double rep will be screen shot and printed and hold pride of place on a wall of my house.

    That is if i find the energy to act on this, so it might not happen. But the thought is there !
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