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  1. I did, because there are many threads on the lag issue, evony is aware of it... I understand the need to vent, but we don't need more of this same thing.
  2. Did you close my thread? Why?
  3. Absolutely fine don Don't worry bout it.
  4. y0, Im really sorry, but i couldnt do it, i just couldnt! I tried my best, but the end result is like a piece of **** with some creamy dirt on it, so sorry thousand times bro!
  5. If you can't do it, it's fine I understand if must be really hard :X So if you want quits, pleassse tell me, I don't want to force it on ya.
  6. Well dang, those stocks are hard to work with.......thay to bright! lol...... But i know, there arent really that many stocks out there with Riddler....
  7. Going good, gonna get started on your sig soon now me thinks...!
  8. Been awhile my gfx tutor How is it going
  9. Looks great don, thanks for using your time for this
  10. And here's a sig, matching ur new avvy....if ya want
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