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  1. Well, both of our names are Joe (kinda)... and I do think semis are kinda cool...

    OH GOD I'M KA!!
  2. Hm...why is it you seem to pop up when KA's not online, but when he is online, you're not?
  3. I'm surprised Zem and Aru were here. And Woody too? Wow, something must be going down. Lol. I doubt Milo or Els will ever come back. They haven't made the best impression on people (not speaking for myself here ). But yeah. If so many people are coming back, then... wow. Lol.
  4. Well, for all of us that haven't been here for a few months...Wildor, Wpack, Pi, Aru was on earlier tonight, Lao, Zen Master, and if there are others, I've not seen them. I've not seen Els or Milo since that whole broughah with Yellow Submarine and El's alt. I know Woody's got a new name, and was here, though I doubt he's been on for a few weeks. I've also seen Zem, too. I don't know if it's just been curiosity drawing us back or what.
  5. Wait, others came back? Like who? What's happening?
  6. Considering who all else was popping back up, I thought you'd be back, and had good luck on being on.
  7. Gah, silly Evony... oh well. I'm surprised you noticed I was on so soon.
  8. LOL! It likes keeping you here where we can see you.
    Oh well.
    Ohaider Fall
  10. Hey, Joe.
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