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  1. Happy birthday panda
  2. Same to you.

    I'll try to make it.
  3. Well good luck with life, I'm out.

    7pm colonel mustard with the wrench in the kitchen XD
  4. I'm gonna try. The important tests are over pretty soon, and I recently quit a MMORPG game so I have some free time to GIMP.
    Yugoslavian.. XD

    Oh, that reminds me I have a test and an essay due tomorrow too...

    When, where, how?
  5. Well get back on gimp

    My last name is Yugoslavian >.>

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to fisnish these 100 papers with exams in a few days XD

    Kill me.
  6. My skill in gimp has gone down. WAAAY DOWN. I haven't opened it in ages.

    WHATWHATWHAT RAVEN "LEFT"? Just when I come back . Well, everybody seems to be busy with life.
  7. Yeah, we have some "new blood" in the skype rooms now lol. I think my skill in gimp has grown for once >.> Now that I have taken an effort.


    (Raven "left" a few days ago ) Well he's just been busy with college...
  8. Don't you think your old name was so much better though? XD

    Oh yeah, is the chaotic skype conversations still going on around here?
  9. The name change actually happend about 5 days after your leave ish. Glad your back to the forums
  10. Yup, been a while. I was temporarily snapped up by real life and was stuck in 3D land for a while.
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