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  1. Ha. :P

    Pretty sure Anon is up too it, even though they denied being involved.
  2. well gl with it, because sometimes free online means no online
  3. Nah, I'm a Playstation man for life, plus I like having free online. :P

    No, they didn't. Hopefully it's soon though.
  4. haha, you should have bought an xbox Did PSN say when it was going to be back online ?
  5. Same to you bro. I've been alright I suppose. Been busy with school/work.

    The day I finally get some time to relax, PSN is down. It's disappointing.
  6. Hey JPA ! Nice to see you again, I have been doing well, busy, to say it lightly. How are you ?
  7. Hello CS. How've you been?
  8. Thank you crappy.
  9. Well feel free to add my name if you want I thnik they're quite interesting/comedic
  10. Well Revo loves the few I've given him, Acer lol'd at a couple, Candle loves them, Chloe gave me some rep for her name drop so I apparently took her comment in the wrong light and Bree was just surprised at first.

    So it appears I'm just terrible at reading people's intentions. Damn negative me.
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