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  1. that is on Pg 79 please tell me what you think..and the game is getting tiresome
  2. You all are putting way to much thought into what should be fixed.. It all started with the medal drop rates back on Server 1, then you Merged us into a Super Server and told us it would make the game more fun with more people. Now you change this where does it End what you should do is fix the things that need to be fixed and leave the Game Alone other wise No one will want to Play this Fricking Game.. I know you all never thought People in this game could never have Such big Armies but it has Happened. Now You are telling us that insted of playing the Game " A War Game " we need to farm the heck out of this Server just to Keep our troop Numbers seems prety lame if you ask Me.. And another thing is we realy Need to Fix THE MEDAL Drop RATES and play the game like it was Back in CIVONY thats when it was fun.. There are way to many changes being made and we are all getting Fustrated with the Game and the Attitudes that come with it.
    Carp Presbyter of Rave on SS 37
  3. I'm great! How about you bud?
  4. Hey there Brother How have you been..
  5. have you been on yet
  6. I will see you on the other side Have fun Brother
  7. Long story and I dont know either
  8. how the heck did you become a Moderator
  9. I know, but AgeII is worse for many people....

    My best bet is to join Giants, which arent attacked by P5OT

    you can talk with Majormac and Mkatherine about becoming a giants' sub, say that you are a friend of mine, and that should smooth the way and establish your credibility
  10. No one wants to stay with Age I with P5OT killing them
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