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  1. Excuse me sir, will you join Assassins when we play so that we guarantee 15+ players? Please respond.
  2. Woah.

    That's not the, um...

  3. No.

    You know damn well that you crossed the proverbial line months ago, and now you're just pushing to see how far you can get.
  4. Acer, if I write Digger a heartfelt apology will you reverse my 1 point infraction please?
  5. Juggalo thread.

    Arathorn thought it was about ninja text or something. I made a post saying Arathorn doesn't know what the thread was about. Arathorn replied calling me an ignorant troll. I answered back and said no nothign I said in that post was ignorant nor trollish. Arathorn replied back "Well then it's just your general aura" so I countered with "It's ok. I irrationally overreact to posts I don't read as well."

    Simi is power's ****ing annoying. She did the same thing with the Bree Fletcher and Wildor Appreciation thread I made. I posted a few pictures of attractive women and Simi deleted them all and called me a pedophile but didn't infract me. Not cool.
  6. I don't even know what you're talking about O_O
  7. Why the hell is Simi deleting posts of mine and not infracting me?
  8. You assassinated Kennedy. Both of them.

    But srsly got a quick question.
  9. Oh crap.

    What did I do?
  10. You on skype?
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