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  1. The first one though, is: Don't pick Feonir as your nation. They are the best, they have all the full time obsessive players that play for 20 hours a day and spend thousands of dollars on the game and they have the best relics. But it's SO crowded. Tons of people have exiled to Feo, they are the super power. You can buy exile scrolls to change nations for like $20. But if you go to Feo you'll have to fight for grind spots and even just the normal quest lines will be super overcrowded.

    If you pick the underdog nation you get all sorts of free gear and items. 2x XP things, extra buffs, and free weapons and armor at the beginning. When you first log on you get to choose which nation you go to and the underdog is the one with a little crown next to it's name. I don't know which nation is underdog now, but you should join that nation.
  2. I'll let you use my dual gunner account if you want. It's lvl 51 with about the best gear you can possibly get at that level. My Zant Hell chest piece and gun are both +8 which probably cost like....$250 to make. I bought it with in game gold though, I didn't pay any real money on that account. On my warrior though (the gear that was loaned out/stolen) I spent $100. The level cap is 70 now, but they are going to be raising it to 75 soon.

    It is an awesome game. I freaking love it. Obviously if I've replayed it 4 times to lvl 50+, but I've played countless other alts to lvl 24 to get a +3 crit crystal. If you do start playing, lemme know and I'll tell you all the tips and tricks I think could help.
  3. One of my friends wants me to play it with him lolz
  4. Yes and No. I still have several active accounts, semi high level. A lvl 63 warrior, lvl 59 rifleman, lvl 53 cleric and lvl 51 dual gunner. But I loaned out my badass warrior and rifleman gear and....they basically got stolen by people who lied and said they would return it.

    I haven't played in a while, but I still talk to tons of people that still play. Kinda like here on the Evony forums.

    Why do you ask?
  5. Do you still play Aika by any chance?
  6. GO TO BED LITTLE ONEwhite text
  7. Oh. I just PM'd Simi 'cause she logged on with the exact same PM I sent you like 10 minutes ago.
  8. Go do your job in Help and Questions! My dangerous posts need approval.
  9. Yeah. That thread your looking at right now. In H&Qs, not GD as I said in the PM.
  10. <3 you too raster ;P
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