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  1. what's up with the pony's?
  2. soooo any chance I can get u to help generate positive interest in this idea?

    would it help if i said please?

    "Please" lol
  3. oh pretty pretty at what point can a user get two sig pics? *Me likes* lol
  4. hehehe

    or do i have one? lol
  5. You're hiding from stalkers... but I can see you...

    You need to hide better
  6. They've been notified.
  7. find a way to get ahold of SbD, WarSimi, or one of the senior mods and have them go to the off topic - daily riddle thread... um yea want that cleaned up...
  8. I honestly have no idea.
  9. what in the world is up with all the food glitched cities lately? is it because people are botting or is it because of something in evony that this is happening... like that valley glitch? ... If there are more glitchs popping up lately I better not get one on holiday (been holidaying ALOT lately because of working odd shifts)
  10. that sucks
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