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  1. do you want to join alliance coupdetta, as they are large and can help you out, check it out.2dangerous{based in north march
  2. are you all right? i can place giga from a an alliance if you need. mate it has not been used yet, we were waiting for the way! 2DANGEROUS we should do it in sync,yes?
  3. you quote "those who look at it with out doing anything" like plunders or building?npc don't do much and prosper. the guy or girl next castle cause wars for all,who is worse? there is no order only alliance's,law with order will prosper,i guess it wont hurt anyone npc is the computer.
  4. also if you stagger a an attack by 30s and more of one kind in each group it has more power and might not show up as more,one hides the other you should try it on a friend and ask what he sees,call the troops back asap. also have u heard of hiding you gold,etc in a plain,swamp,etc when u log of ,when u get back on collect it u use transporters. and use troops 2 look after it.
  5. good question truly dangerous,to quote Sun Tzu nothing is more dangerous then 2 attack a unknown quantity.{ google it sun tzu the art of war 5000yo reciepe} it will save your life, to explain emptyness and fullness is to understand war. food is more important then gold. defence is better then attack,it costs less. peace is better then conflict, i lost millions against mega army from good walls with 7000 workers and 800 archers. do not be hasty in attacks ego has no part in war,egolessness is the way! wait till the time is right u will know. u must understand you own conflicts before others,and the only ememy is u there will never be better. that is fullness, try emptyness. be dangerous 2dangerous do craby{till tomorrow}
  6. a quite day,ho hum.....a lot of work is accomplished....a super mod has not got back on the alliance of all to purge the land of plunders. As we are self-supporting,it would work if we all pulled together,and their would still be npc in plains as workers to be used,the place would be decadence.
  7. well, i found one who has never ever had a plunder or hassle in the castles!!! giga of all things possible? and would love 2 share all or do i want it!! i said it is a church and i will wait till i need help thanks very!! as 4 2day i had 3 plunders in 24hrs since being here!?? and wasted 3000 in their workers and 200 cataphats in abatis and none of my men were HURT, as we were locked in and all the defences were deployed,they got 200 gold one did some got 2000 gold+a bit of food. with my level of tower i can see how many, but i was not worth it to open the doors.correct? and can u tell me if they break in do my troops fight straight away?{with out me}as they had a ram! it is good 2 here your well!!2morrow i will tell of something dangerous keeping with the pro-quar!
  8. guess what,danger that is too dangerous i found palindins in north march.2dangerous i can not handle this..npc are not as much trouble and will be treated like npc..what if a mod tells all to get rid of both and all,and peace could fear..things could be 2dangerous as fruitus loopus,{fruit loop}log on and crush we could explain that we don't do this..maybe i should not play this for i keep trouble coming...and the only danger i can find is 1farm no walls and u like palindin's... i might e-mail em? a declaration of war...what do u think not dangerous enuuf?
  9. i have gone soft living in swarbia....{not too mention what it does for my hair}
  10. n1 ?? what is this please 2dangerous? i just seen my report flashing red and white?? i wondered,looked and i had been plundered twice losing millions of gold+++, wow!!! so what!! looked back and the flashing directed me to information of giga army with all fully decked out!!! 16mins two go?? so i was feeling dangerous with my new friends and 7000 workers 800 archers, flew the doors open, and teleported out of there??? why i thought.... and then i felt less than dangerous.... so i live in north march after 3-4 days of plundering i got nothing done....and could of lost the lot... some danger!!
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