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    Read the lower one 1st,

    The world is blind but over the years I can see better. I see human. I do not see American, Black, Afgan, Iraqi, Pak, Jew, mulsim, chirstan to name a few. I know in my heart that I would help you out and would like the same from you if I needed it. Trust me I have had many people tried and want to kill me but in the end if they needed help no matter what I would help them the best that I could. I know you Bleed Red, I do to. I know you hurt and have ups and downs, I do to. I know you love your friends and family and miss them when they are gone, I do to. I am sure you have cried, I have to. When you look at the moon at night, I see the same one you do. When you look at the Sun, I look at the same one to.

    So see we are all alike. yes my skin is a different color and I read from a different book than you but I am not a non believer, I am a believer that we are here for one another.

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    Roman I recieved a letter from a friend of Ahmed.

    I wrote him back stating how I felt about Ahmed actions and also told him that I would take a part of what I said and post it on your page. I hope it helps and if it upsets someone I am sorry I wrote it from the heart with the truth.

    Here it is.

    I wish we could all get along Marine, Afgans, Paks, me and you. But I feel for the US troops over there and I know 1st hand they truely think in their hearts they are there helping out. I wear everyday a band around my wrist that is black and has the word Remember on it. I wear it to remember my friends, the friends that I will never see again, the troops on all sides trying to help and make the world better and to remember at the end of the day me and you are just human.
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    Hiya!! Trust you're no longer being harrassed by Mr Ish-For-Brains...and that you're page has been peaceful since his most timely departure?!? Thanks to your quick actions NONE of us will be plagued by the likes of him again! *well for now anyway*
    Sendin you some smiles & kitti luvins. ~purrr-rr-r-rrrrr~
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    I would love to help you out, I really would, but I cannot. I am no longer a moderator so there is not much I can do other than pass it on, which is something I highly recommend you do. Get in contact with either a moderator or a company rep and they should take action on your behalf.

    Again, I'm sorry for the inability to aid you, but my modship was taken away months ago, so there isn't much I can do.

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    Roman before you leave PM me with your Email Address and I will keep in touch!!

    I can not believe what he wrote to you words can not say how wrong that is. I know in Pak that he would not have gotten that Benchmade easy. I am sure he or someone he knows found it and it dropped out of the pocket of a solider or contractor. (We all carry bench mades)

    Tell your team I said hi and wish them well.

    Jeff Nelson

    PS - Keep in touch bro! Not sure where you are and dont post it either. But I would say either Kabul, kandhar or Now Zad is where your needed most. And those M-ATVs are bad A$$!!
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    hi hun
    ur hot
  7. Hello and good day.

    I cannot help you as I am not an Evony moderator but rather I am a regular Evony community member. However,I will forward your issue to an Evony moderator.

    On a second note, I thank you brave soldier for your dedication to this nation being the American Republic. You and your fellow soldiers toil in miserable conditions and sacrifice all luxuries for the defense of this glorious commonwealth. Proud soldier, you and the other soldiers in your particular unit are the pillars of this nation that uphold the laws of the Constitution and that safeguard the general welfare of the average citizen of the United States of America. As an American citizen I am safe from despotic and malevolent rule only because of the valor and resilience of individuals such as yourself.

    Thank you stalwart defender.
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    Thank you for the Pic Comment
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    Thank you, may u have peace
  10. Dear Abracax
    Having Ahmed tell me he killed a Marine and is using him weapon to kill other people; it did not sit well with me. I hope you feel the same way.. If you want to Ban me, so be it. You do what you feel is right. I am not afraid of telling the truth and standing up for my Marines and country; I will sleep well knowing I did the right thing.
    Good bye and good luck
    Semper FI
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