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    The probe scanners also shouldn't be able to get any real data on your ships due to your stealth systems... hooray stealth.
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    Bodkin fights don't have a warp drive... you'll notice the only engine listed is a grav drive.

    Javelin fighters have warp drive, though. You're probably using them for this mission, anyway, as the multipurpose warp drive can yank the probes out of FTL long before they get within five lightyears of any inhabited system (meaning urukhai's post is wrong, as you would have intercepted him long before he got to a system.)
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    Since you posted an app for an Achenaran fighter pilot, you should probably know how the fighters are equipped.

    Ship class: Bodkin class Heavy Superiority Fighter
    Size: F2
    Main armaments: 6 extra-light graviton plasma cannons, 2 missile launchers
    Point defense armaments: None (it's a fighter)
    Defenses: Isometal TSA, Advanced Force field, Deflector field, Improved Cloaking field (with combined stealth, emission cloak, and chameleon systems)
    Power plant: 50 MW Pocket Antimatter reactor
    Engine: Grav drive, 100G acceleration
    Miscellaneous: Usually armed with antimatter missiles.
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    Nearly every detail is relevant. Nothing is a dead end.

    ...And if you want to know what's on the papers, don't post someting like your character ignoring the writing, or forgetting how to read.
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    Don't you go making up a map. <_<
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    I meant I wrote out the words for myself, not yet in the RP, because you've never read them in character.
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    Hope you realize I did write out a bunch of words for those papers and you've been pointedly refusing to read them. XD
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    yes pretty much
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    Posted an idea for you.
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    Could have you use transmutation magic (the ability to change the substance of things, like turning water to air so you can breathe it) and I have a class name in mind, sure.
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