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  1. I'm kind of jealous that you have 2 bars of red rep. I want 11.
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    No problem. Feel kinda bad that your plan got ignored, but whatevs, the high and mighty Kem said you can't boss him lol. I took what you said about the weak spot into consideration; wasn't really sure where I'd be aiming for till you posted that lol. So thanks for the help there Your dragon kill... I saw it, not sure what to make of it tbh. Brother attacked it multiple times, and I shot it twice as well before it went down, so that kill might have been short in posts but not so much in attacks. And Holey... eh, I bet his char's a cheater but don't tell him I said that. Still makes him somewhat a hypocrite though, there's no denying that lol. Think the only other workshop post I saw was Holey's (though that is still an interesting note O.o). And you're welcome I was thinking you might want to edit your mention of her char's real world out 'cause it doesn't make sense now, but, just a suggestion. *shrugs*
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    Oh, no, I just missed that part somehow >.< my bad. Sorry to bug ya. But Fanis isn't dead anymore; Fall edited post 'cause Holey said the fog spell that hit her wouldn't have killed her because the dragon's magic wasn't that good, so she was just unconscious, not dead. Just btw. So the bit about the real world and the doctors doesn't apply anymore I don't think, 'cause she took that out of hers.
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    Hey, um, just off the record, the black dragon kind of sent a cloud of acid at your char.. don't you think you should have made him dodge that or something? O.o
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    Right, Demon, don't have a go, but this is what I can extrapolate from my current knowledge.

    Someone else is using Ryoko as a conduit into the material plane, and this someone's channeling spells through him into the materium. Now what I'm saying is, it's still magic, OK? If it's magic of any nature, Dispel Magic works on it. Even if it's a Level 1000 spell, it can be dispelled.

    If I'm wrong about what's going on, then please correct me. However, please don't have a go, as I'm only trying to understand what's going on, OK?


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    You have shown improvement in that area, certainly, but everyone is spelled like that, not with the number 1. 'every1' isn't something that people use in this forum. As soon as we work that out, the better.
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    Do not butt in on people's conversations. Look at both the thread below and the OOC for the issues with both your character and your writing style. How did this man know where we were, let alone what we said? I don't want to have to consult Monty, but I will. This isn't a threat, just something that you should bear in mind.
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    I'd like to direct you to this thread:
    For no particular raisin.
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    Only if the dragon is dumb enough to sit there while you cast a spell for 10 minutes. Which it's not. More powerful magic takes. Long time to cast. You shouldn't try to do everything yourself
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    The dragon wears the equivalent of blue dragonscale plate armor which makes it highly resistant to lightning attacks. It's almost like throwing a fireball at a fire elemental
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