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    hey man did you ever get my chart???
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    I didnae say it'd hurt you, I jus' said I'd bop you ._.
    I want an anti-ban shield, now
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    My poor hand! D:

    How am I meant to ban people now? ;-;

    When Dawn wakes up and gives me a hammer I'mma bop you w/ it for staplin' my hand to pieces
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    Do somthin' to cheer yourself up.
    Go find someone to ban!

    I had someone yesterday who was runnin' around spammin' anti-evony rants on every thread in sight and I waved your hammer at him, but I lost the instruction booklet so I missed! D:
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    Awesome. That'll do for now.

    Family left early = you happy or you in a /ache mood since they were still there?
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    You're back early! D:
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    bllody is CCC.
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    Alrighty, no problemo. Definately something some people need to know, just in the wrong place is all, thanks.
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    If he hax me I'll hug him. See if he's not confused after that!

    I have a mobile...use it as a clock.

    I'm jus' waitin' till I can get everythin' sorted w/ my gf; we're gunna be goin' away to travel for as long as we can, pretty much...get away from all the ****e for a while; certain family members will be lucky to be even mentioned after we go, much less contacted again.

    Aye...I only have one friend out there and my gf...I consider them both family....this bein' heavily enouraged by the fact that my siblin's are split apart by great distances and that I don't actually know any of them....I really feel closer to those two than anyone in my family...imagine that, eh?

    Family's jus' a group of people that share your blood.
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    See how forgetful he is when I get my cata-towers aimed at him >.>
    Well, s'like Foxy said...there used to be over 8million mods, but the sheer amount of idiotic posts killed them's a hard fight, but we can win it over, I'm quite sure!

    I jus' don't bother gettin' involved anymore...I stay out of it altogether...jus' get telt things over phone that are urgent/neccesary to let me know...other than that I keep detached...s'easier that way. Sayin' that, when they moved 500miles away (may not sound like much to americans, but thas literally the other side of my island; huge to us folks) and expect me to do the work, it winds me up.

    What is it they say..."you can choose your friends but why the hell cannae we choose our family?"
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