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    Make Dawn hurry up!

    I wonder if the threat of havin' an angryfaces Hammer (+instruction booklet) will be enough to ease the ongoin' war against idiocy on the board...would be nice if it was that easy...really would be...

    Family situations like that drive a screw in me. I honestly don't bother. I'd rather be known as the son who jus' doesnae give a damn than go through all that again...jus' exhausts me...I have too many people hatin' on me so my solution is to jus' not give a damn either way!

    So far I turned out pretty well, dontchya think? Maybe it'll work for you? Try have a conversation and if/when they jus' turn around and start givin' you bs, jus' go "ok; I tried" and find somethin' else to occupy you :3
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    Oh don't I know it...sometimes it really is jus' a relief to get away from it all...
    S'why games appeal to me so much; lets you kinda zone out and away from IRL-land and forget about all that crap that wants to crawl up your arse.

    And you're out again all weekend doin' the same fun things? Lookin' forward to it?

    You should give me your hammer so I can keep an eye on the ...uhm....pests that lurk around our beloved H&Q section....there's been so many floatin' around since they realised that all the hammers are sheathed away! D:
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    You got your army blown to smithers, my merry men ate their exploded bits merrily like merry men tend to merrily do then we smooshed your army while you were offline, like all the pro's do. You have 904 of each resource and about 90,000 reports containin' nothin' bad bad news from merry men.

    Other than that, you had fun in your real-life land?
  4. I'm back until Saturday in which I'll be offline for Family, then Sunday is football and Monday is my official day back.

  5. To everyone who views this profile, I'll be taking time away to be with family during this week, which explained my current absence from the forums. I'll most likely be back on Monday, if you have any questions or concerns then your best bet for a quick answer would be a fellow moderator during this time.

    Thank you,
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    *Doesn't realise that the bonfire fiesta was secretly a bombfire fiesta*

    The entire city is layered w/ explosions and dynamtie from one end to the next while all the real troops I didnae sacrifice as bait are hidin' away in a city a few miles away.

    And and all bits of your men that land near the real base camp can be tonights feast!
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    Thas a crackin' idea...wonder why I always have to make it more complicated...

    ~New bonfire party will be out here on castle walls w/ the smell of burnin' assailants and the music of soldiers screamin' in agony~
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    Oops...we ran outta firewood for the bonfire...will jus' take a few pieces off of this suspiciously large wooden horse we were goin' to invite in to be a part of the fun...

    ...who's that hidin' inside there?

    *points weapons*
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    how do i get to the game from here?
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    Oooh, pretty.

    We should take it inside my heavily fortified city, see if it wants to join in on tonights bonfire fiesta
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