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    i don't get on it, so don't add me to the chat please..
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    Well, it came to me when Furrr said Joe is a civvy. She was confirmed civvy, so she had some weight in her words. But obviously that didn't confirm it. I knew that I was a civvy (obviously) and I knew Gr8unky was a civvy, so assuming Furrr was telling the truth, that left you and BS. Later, you told me Revo confirmed BS as civvy. If you were civvy, you wouldn't lie about that. If you were mafia you wouldn't lie because I could get into contact with Revo and ask. Which told me he was a civvy. That left you. I looked at your voting in all the rounds. Not a single time did you vote for mafia, unless they were confirmed publicly.
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    I did, I was about 3rd or 4th I think...maybe 6th
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    Hmmmm really? I took her word for it since i knew for a fact that she was confirmed and everything else was on your word. She told me she went and looked and saw i had been confirmed the day after i got lynched though, rofl.
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    Yup yup
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    Hey, it was fun, but I had you figured out before BS got killed even....but I don't think I'm allowed to say more than that till the game is finished :P
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    Lol i know that, i'd been talking with furr and knew he was a confirmed civ. Which someone as you who were my "link" to the civie group would know. So when you kept after him even though he was confirmed by having me invert you as well as telling me you were confirmed when furr said you weren't, i knew. I told her she couldn't technically trust me though because to my knowledge i was unconfirmed and once i was lynched she could be sure and act. I also told her to pass it on to others. Kinda long winded i know but that was my thought process.

    Either way definitely i had a lotta fun, can't believe i made friends with two separate mafia in that game. You played me really well, never tried to defend a lost cause or another simple mistake like that.
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    You need to time ubers better, or people might raeg at you.
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    Yeah sorry just cleared it, was saving to many messages, most regarding infractions
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    Ok, thanks for the clarification. The secondaries get so complicated. D:
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