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  1. omg im not taking potshots at mods

    mods on this forum on the local forum on other forums i read and post
    i hold them to higher standards
    do you not agree ?
    this means there pvt life there gamer life doesnt affect there decision in what they do im not seeing this
    i have seen it time and time again on this board and other boards mods using there powers bringing personal or pvt life into making choices

    can you actually tell me that yours and every other mod 's choices are not made without your feelings or there feelings in mind

    thats the point im trying to get at

    think about it a bit
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    And as I keep telling you, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Stop trying to take potshots at mods.
  3. a mod as i tried to explain to the other guy ssfgr

    is held to higher standards

    ghost should never been put there

    never the less it happened

    he was still in a red allaince and the allaince merged/change names but im sure somoen runs his account while others got banned
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    You have a grand total of 4 posts made during Ghost's time as a moderator. Only 1 was made in a section of his. If there was one more that was deleted, it wasn't done so by him. How do I know? If he had done it, it would have left a record, and mods (green ones) can't hard delete objects. I've known Ghost on a more personal level for quite a while now, and I can tell you right now that he's not just some dumb kid who got power hungry and wanted to punish his reds. I can also tell you that he was barely active in December. And by barely, I mean he logged in maybe once during that entire month. He quit the game near the end of 2010, came back for a few months in the middle of 2011, and then quit for good in October of 2011. Furthermore, he didn't just discipline red flags. He disciplined his friends from in-game (the very very few that actually posted... some of which were coincidentally red flags, but good friends none the less) and his friends from the forums.
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    I understand perfectly what you mean mate. ill be the first to say ive seen biased people in this game.

    I however do not treat people specially cause i know them. I give everyone the same chance to reply ect. if people have a valid point I will accept that point and take it on board. im not so pig headed that i dont take on board info

    i understand your point perfectly mate belive me.
    I still belive i wasnt out of line, talking to an old friend, but i can see what you mean.

    And its wrong that Evony would pick on just one alliance. unfortunatly theres nothing i can do about that. nor can any mod thats less then a Blue or red. Us greens and purples have no inpact in game what so ever. lol.
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    Really? That's interesting, because when I just looked through all of your 26 posts, none were deleted by mods. The 2 that were deleted were done so by admins, and both of those were only because they were part of a deleted thread. They were also both done so BEFORE Ghost even became a moderator. Yes, your only warning was from him, but it was entirely legitimate, and on record. No posts were deleted though. If you honestly want to know what pulling posts looks like, feel free to start posting in GD and I'll be more than happy to show you.

    Then again, I think you're honestly just looking for things to call mods out on, which would make you just another forum troll. The non-humorous detrimental kind that is.
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    Hey mate, sorry you feel so upset bout that issue. as explained myself and Melerina have know each other for a long long time, and like many people on evony we shoten peoples names, I expect people to call me ssf, or ss, or something other then ssfgrgawer cause its a silly name and really hard to spell if you havent been spelling it for the last 3 years I shorten Melerina to either Mel or Melons.., Tho Mel is shorest, i still sometimes use the other.

    Melerina is much easyer to spell. this is true, But there is nothing behind my posts, Just friends chatting. Mel has posted here and told you that we have been calling her that for years now.

    I understand your feelings towards the subject, and i appologise if i have upset you.
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    1.) Nobody pulled any of your posts, just merged.
    2.) How many people who read the forums know? Let's see.... just about everyone who bothers to go comb through more than one thread.

    Honestly, you have 0 idea what you're talking about.
  9. it was one i read and first time i have seen your post

    again its not about you its about the female species
    a mod has to be unbiased and watch what he or she says he wasnt .

    its like the mod who pulled my post he was also on my server and red to me and he knew it he wasnt biased

    if he wants to call you special names in pvt fine i dont have an issue

    in public you have to say and do things even if you dont want to

    not knowing you or him he broke a major rule you cant show favorites or stuff like that
    out of the 100-1000 who read the forums how many know you 2 know each other
    2 5 10

    so its not about you or him its more about the postion he holds and how he speaks
    how can i look at him and say how can you be a mod and speak like this in public
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    What I find ironic is that you only chose to harp about the mods doing it. Everyone else has called me melons on the forum as well. And he didny delete your post, he combined it into one post instead of a double post. Don't be offended on someones behalf that isn't offended themselves and doesn't want it.
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