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  • Capping a level 10 NPC is too easy!! (easier than level 9 even! HA! Warriors? Randomize the troopS!

    75 15.06%
  • Capping a level 10 NPC is too POWERFUL!! (wow, a near maxed city in one shot? Ridiculous)

    89 17.87%
  • NPCs have too much!! (all other resource aspects are super weak, Taxes and Fields mean ziltcho)

    115 23.09%
  • All NPCs/valleys are too simple!! (rando the troops! Ex: heavy on archer / or cav / or swordsman)

    68 13.65%
  • Building X lvl NPCs narby is too simple!(server gets filled & blocks legit enem/newbs for tiny cost)

    149 29.92%
  • Archers are too strong!! (makes all other units weak)

    164 32.93%
  • Too easy to protect range units with rainbow/Darwin troops!! (1 of each unit stops whole platoons?)

    224 44.98%
  • Abandoning a capped town is to devastating!(how can vaporizing all a players work instantly be fair?

    138 27.71%
  • Swapping heroes for mayor minimizes build times too much!! (why even HAVE a "mayor")

    102 20.48%
  • Cavalry can capture towns way too quick!! (no reason to ever send anything else)

    76 15.26%
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Thread: The anti-exploit, pro-nerf topic. Cheese, and fixing it.

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    Awesome post (posts) didnt read all im lazy but i voted

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    Default why worry about it

    You are way to focuysed on things that everyone does it just dosn't make any sense your can't worry about stuff that doesnt matter if you want a change that makes sense take the cap off of attacking armys when using a ensign this would increase profits for evony and actually make the game enjoyable at the higher end maybe people would leave the little guys alone more if they could actually fight the big guys as it is now once you get a couple hundred thousand scouts people won't attack because they are afaid of what you have I saw 1 guy wipe out 36 armyies because noone could see what he was defending with

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