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Thread: NPCs - changing lvl1-4s into 5s and 6-9s into 10s.

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    Default NPCs - changing lvl1-4s into 5s and 6-9s into 10s.

    So I finally hit 600k prestige, and it's nice to be there, but still far from the leader of enemy alliance sitting at 3 million prestige.
    I do my 40-60 attacks per day on NPCs to maintain my huge army.. but it's a little crowded around my area and my first 8 attacks are 2.2 to 5.7 miles, than attacks 9-16 are 5.7 to 9 miles, and the distance to go these distance is a bit tough, going up to 1hour march to get there, 1hour to get back.


    My problem is that, I never knew how lvl5 and 10 NPCs are the norm, and ALL other npcS are almost useless (lvl4 is alright, and 3 is kinda bleh).

    I want to be able to change lvl1-4 NPCs near me into lvl5s and 10s.
    and also the lvl6-9 into lvl10s or 5s w/e.


    Only way to do this currently is this:
    Have open city slot open to conquer/capture city.
    Beat on a city until it's loyalty = 0
    capture the city, take it as you're own city.
    Than we MUST - MUST use a teleport scroll for that city... and than most likely probably - abandon the city after teleportation cause the city aint good unless it's a lvl8-9 and you tele to a good area.

    Teleport scrolls are in VERY short supply and are expensive :


    It would be SUPER VERY helpful if I could turn the local lvl1-4 NPCs into 5s and 10s. Lots more food for me to climb from 600k prestige to 3mil.

    Now we could talk about converting the local valleys to flats/npcS but that's too much trouble. I just want these current npcS to be able to change.


    how about:
    once an NPC is conquered, say a lvl3 or lvl8... destroy the rally spot and than abandon city - lvl1 flat.

    If too easy, than think about destroying maybe 3 buildings? rally spot + b2 + b3.

    another variant: if it was lvl8 npc, it turns into lvl8 flat.
    or a lvl3 npc turns into lvl3 flat.
    This way, the surrounding players can still definitely fight for it on that day, and it's not a lvl1 just suddenly.

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    Default easyer still

    abandon city raises 1 level from the flat example a L4 flat you conquer and abandon becomes a L5 npc the flat changing on the abandon then recapture and do the same the valley would again go up in value to a L6

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    Other possibilities to kill an NPC:

    Create an alt account, and build to the point where you can build enough warriors to survive an attack -- beat the NPC to zero with your main.
    Have your alt take the city, and then let the account idle away ( I don't think the restart feature works, but you could always try )
    You probably have to zero out your alt account -- but it should idle out in 3 days or so.

    I think they should implement the destruction of an NPC ( turned into a flat ) if you take it to zero loyalty with no available city slot.


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